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GPS Locator and Simplified Cellphone.

Always Connected to What Matters Most

Works like a miniature cellphone that sends the GPS location of the device directly to your smartphone. Also allows the person using it to quickly call you in case of an emergency, or pick you call. You just need to use Wheresfamily app to communicate through device.

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Wheresfamily PinPoint

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How it works

Step 1
Ready the device by attaching
to necklace or wrist support

Step 2
Install the control app and add
the new device to your user account

Step 3
Use Wheresfamily app
to locate or call your family member

GPS Locator. Simplified Phone. Efficient & Affordable.

Finally: the features you want in a simplified Cellphone and GPS locator for your younger or elderly family members.

True GPS Location

Long battery life


Network Unlocked

General Features

  • Primary Location Module: GPS (almost perfect 5 to 30 meters accuracy - provided by satellites)
  • Secondary Location Module: LBS (location of GSM Cell Tower to which the device is connected to - returned after 50 seconds attempting to fetch GPS fix with no success)
  • Continuous tracking mode
  • Escape alerts via E-mail - Set multiple geofences (works with Continous tracking mode)
  • Battery Saving Mode, for emergencies only
  • Interface connection to navigation functions of Cellphone - Get coordinates and with one click get real-time navigation to your pet
  • Low battery alerts by SMS
  • Phone call: Speak with device user as a regular cellphone
  • Quick call - Two buttons so that device user can contact two favorite phone numbers with a single click/li>
  • SOS button for emergencies
  • 2 additional numbers for quick and easy call
  • iOS App available
  • Android App available
  • Also works with Windows Phone by opening our platform on the browser
  • By the way, did we mention no need for pesky mandatory subscription contracts ??

Where to Buy

If you don't have any sellers nearby, you can contact us directly at sales@wheresfamily.com and we'll mail you our product. Please remember, Wheresfamily devices work in all EU countries, including the UK.

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